The Sergio brand has been around for over 40 years. These years constitute a significant milestone in the Paradis product line from Sergio,
a series of hair care products for women and men, a salt-free series suitable for all hair types.

Shampo – Keratin shampoo salts free
Keratin shampoo without salts with an increased nourishing e.ect. Enriched with pure keratin protein, which helps restore and strengthen the hair.

The shampoo cleans the hair ber, lathers and cleans the hair from sun damage.Suitable for use on straightened hair


Mask  – Therapeutic hair mask
The mask has a unique formula that restores the hair right from the first treatment Mask for dry and damaged hair and hair that has been straightened
Contains keratin gold unispheres enriched with vitamin E helps split ends andleaves hair smooth, healthy, shiny and exceptionally soft

Serum – Professional serum without rinsing.

Suitable for all hair types and especially for dry and damaged hair. The serum is used for increased nutrition of the ends of the hair in a unique formula. Contains vitamin E and keratin.Closes split ends of damaged hair, protects against oil damage, keeps hair shiny throughout the day. Also suitable for hair that has undergone chemical treatments and hair straightening

Excellent for use after blow dry